How personality type affects team performance and job satisfaction

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Posted 16 November 2023 by
Global Marketing, The Myers-Briggs Company

New research sends clear message to team leaders

Use conflict as a health check for your team

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Posted 09 November 2022 by
Kevin Wood, The Myers-Briggs Company

Is lack of conflict a sign of dysfunction? And what do people feel about conflict today? 

What are the new sources of conflict at work?

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Posted 21 October 2022 by
Kevin Wood, The Myers-Briggs Company

Learn the types and causes of conflict to be better prepared in how you manage conflict 

Conflict at work: what are your options?

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Posted 05 October 2022 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

If conflict management is something you dread, here’s how to start turning it around

Introducing The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast

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Posted 09 August 2022 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

The Myers-Briggs Company is launching a new podcast about psychology, personality, work life, and how to get the best from life. 

Were you asked if you wanted to go back to the office?

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Posted 24 May 2022 by
Kevin Wood, The Myers-Briggs Company

If not, you might be part of a hybrid strategy that’s about to fail.

Social contracts, returning to the office and retaining your people in the new hybrid workplace

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Posted 20 May 2022 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

As employees return to the office, they’re expecting more flexibility in their social contracts with employers. How can HR help?

Managing conflict

Managing conflict
Posted 24 August 2018 by

How can we help you reach better resolutions?

Is conflict holding you back?

Is conflict holding you back
Posted 08 August 2018 by

Change your approach to conflict and you can change the outcome

Be better at work, feel better in life

Be better at work
Posted 11 June 2018 by

Explore resources to help use self-awareness for self-improvement

How to fail to achieve your organisational goals

How to fail to achieve your organisational goals
Posted 01 May 2018 by
Katy Lyne, Principal Consultant, OPP

In business, human dynamics is rarely considered a top priority. Katy Lyne explains why this is a serious problem.

Decisions and Brexit: are you Tough or Tender?

MBTI decision making
Posted 28 March 2017 by
John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership, OPP

Exploring the MBTI Thinking-Feeling Step II facets in the context of Brexit

Decisions, self-confidence and the glass ceiling: can the MBTI framework help?

Men and women in executive directorships
Posted 06 January 2017 by
John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership, OPP

Exploring the glass ceiling using MBTI data.

Introducing the Core Characters of Type

Core characters and dynamics intro
Posted 03 March 2016 by
Betsy Kendall, COO and Head of Professional Services, OPP

How can we make it easier to talk about the real power of MBTI: Type dynamics?

Team development and the power of MBTI Step II

MBTI Step II profile example
Posted 25 November 2015 by
Alexis Hutson - Coach and Mentor to Doctors

Alexis Hutson, professional coach and mentor, shares her experience of using MBTI Step II for team development. A great example of the differences between Step I and Step II.

Are you a confident idiot? The importance of cognitive confidence

Posted 07 August 2015 by
John Hackston - Head of R&D at OPP

We’ve all heard the horror stories about bad business decisions. Way back in 1876, Western Union turned down an offer to buy the patent on the telephone, as the device clearly had ‘no commercial possibilities’; more recently we could cite Kodak inventing the digital camera but then doing nothing with it (because it could have cannibalised their film business) or Lehman Brothers borrowing hugely just before the housing bubble burst. With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to see how wrong these decisions were, but the sad truth is that we are all prone to biases in our decision-making.

Does your personality affect your politics?

UK ballot box
Posted 28 April 2015 by
Rob Bailey - R&D Principal Consultant at OPP

Economic theories used to have one massive stinker of a mistake at their core: the idea that people make rational choices with money. Thankfully, eminent psychologists pointed out that humans are far from rational in their financial decisions; now a growing body of work is showing the same for political decisions, particularly voting.

Using emotional judgement to reduce biases in decision-making

Posted 10 April 2015 by
Paul Deakin - Business psychologist and psychometrics expert

People make decisions largely on the basis of intuition and emotion. We might like to think otherwise, but it’s true. Even the most logical and rational amongst us find our cognitive functioning heavily influenced by a broad range of both positive and negative emotions.

Top five blog articles of 2014

What's your type tipple?
Posted 29 December 2014 by

Visits to our Personality Matters blog were at an all-time high in 2014, and we covered a wide range of topics in our weekly posts. Over the last 12 months we've talked about the best MBTI-based books and the various resources available for L&D teams. We’ve promoted Movember, and we’ve commented on the Paul Flowers furore. We've also continued to thrive as thought leaders in a diverse range of workplace psychology issues, from recruitment and assessment centres to polarity management. But what are the top five posts that readers have returned to again and again?

Ten more books about MBTI and type that you can't afford to be without!

16 Personality Types
Posted 12 September 2014 by

In the second of our blog posts looking at 20 invaluable books about MBTI® and type, we review another ten titles that have impressed MBTI practitioners or been a key support in their work with the MBTI assessment. As with the first batch, the books featured here are listed in no particular order, and comments are from individual reviewers who responded to our request for reviews on the Linked In group OPP Qualified Professionals.

Celebrate with 25 free resources for practitioners

OPP at 25 logo
Posted 28 May 2014 by

Few things in life are free – but OPP has some really cool free resources to support you in your work! To help celebrate our 25 years in the business, we’ve taken a trawl through the various goodies available for zero outlay on our website. They range from white papers and feedback materials to fun quick guides and infographics – many of which can also be found on our practitioner downloads page.

MBTI type and seasonal shopping – Christmas cheer or Christmas chore?

Christmas presents
Posted 06 December 2013 by

Some people leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute, while others have had everything sorted since the previous January sales. Some enjoy working through their Christmas lists amongst the buzz of high street shoppers, while others prefer facing the Christmas consumer blow-out online.

Did your personality predict how you voted yesterday?

Posted 03 May 2013 by
John Hackston, Head of R&D at OPP

At OPP, we don’t pretend to be experts in politics – but we do know a little about personality. A little while ago we carried out some research to look at the personality traits associated with different political viewpoints. Now that the votes are safely in, we can reveal what we found. People who said they held Conservative views were more likely to be tough-minded introverts, compared to those with left-wing views, who were more sensitive and less self-controlled.

A consultant's experience: bringing Sensing and iNtuition to life in a team

Posted 03 April 2013 by
Vanessa Rhone, Lead Consultant at OPP

I was recently asked to run a focused and pragmatic MBTI session with a team of nine sales managers in a very successful FMCG company. My brief: “They’ve been through MBTI before and they are bright go getters, so it needs to be impactful”. “No pressure there, then!” I thought.

How festive are you feeling?

Posted 21 December 2012 by

In December, our lives are dominated by Christmas. That, at least, is what TV, internet and high street window displays would have us believe. In the interests of glimpsing the truth behind the tinsel glitz and Christmas muzak, OPP carried out a survey a few years ago to see how people approached the various elements of the festive season.

How festive are you feeling?

Posted 21 December 2012 by

In December, our lives are dominated by Christmas. That, at least, is what TV, internet and high street window displays would have us believe. In the interests of glimpsing the truth behind the tinsel glitz and Christmas muzak, OPP carried out a survey a few years ago to see how people approached the various elements of the festive season.

Can you use psychometric tools in redundancy decisions?

Posted 29 November 2012 by

Since the UK recession kicked in a few years ago, the shadow of redundancy has been cast over many organisations. In such testing times a combination of strong, focused leadership and agreed practical guidelines is vital.

The OPPrentice: objectivity would be a Sweet Thing

Posted 31 May 2012 by
Kajal Ruparell

In this week's episode, Lord Sugar's confirmation bias seems to influence his decision on who to fire.

The OPPrentice: double discount, double firing

Posted 24 May 2012 by
Kajal Ruparell

MBTI type dynamics can help us explain the candidates' actions over the last few weeks.

You can choose your friends but can you choose your colleagues too?

Posted 27 January 2012 by

Pret a Manger's recruitment strategy involves consulting current employees about potential new recruits.

Is power sharing the key to engagement?

Posted 23 January 2012 by

Shared business ownership can have many benefits in the workplace.

The OPPrentice - Episode 7

Posted 17 June 2011 by

They may as well have called it Colostomy Bag Digest.

Mythbusting: brainstorming doesn't work

Posted 18 May 2011 by

The brainstorming technique can often favour the louder or more senior participants, and as such, many good ideas can get overlooked.

The OPPrentice - Episode 2

Posted 13 May 2011 by

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