Team development training

Become a team development expert

Deliver resonant, immediately applicable team effectiveness workshops by becoming an expert practitioner in the MBTI® Step I, Step II, FIRO® or TKI™ tools.

MBTI Step I tool is easy to understand, and has the power and breadth to deliver the deep insights and common language needed not just for team development, but for ongoing development, across a wide range of business issues. To become an expert MBTI facilitator and deliver this insight, you are required to qualify in the use of the MBTI Step I tool. Find out more about MBTI Step I certification
The workshop exceeded my expectations. Having just completed the qualifying programme, this extra day has given me so much more in terms of both knowledge and resources and will give me much more flexibility and confidence in how I decide to deliver FIRO within my organisation.

Mrs Gill GlennLearning and Development Manager. Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS FT

FIRO framework provides a unique view of the team members’ differing needs, wants and behaviour, helping resolve issues quickly. To become an expert FIRO facilitator and understand the nuts and bolts of teams, FIRO qualification is required. The Myers-Briggs Company also offers a special FIRO and teams training day so that you can become a real specialist. Find out more about FIRO training
MBTI Step II tool builds on Step I and uncovers each person’s individual personality and work styles. It can be hugely insightful in revealing how team members are similar and different to each other, and can uncover sources of team tension or complementarity that were not evident from Step I. Find out more about MBTI Step II certification
The TKI delivers rapid, actionable strategies that allow teams to choose different approaches to conflict depending on the situation. Although no qualification is required to purchase the TKI instrument, The Myers-Briggs Company does offer a TKI facilitator’s workshop that will help build confidence in using the tool. Find out more about TKI training