Team development

People need people!

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Posted 03 Apr 2020 by Nikhita Blackburn, Thought Leadership Lead Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

Tips for working from home

Making a social impact

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Posted 20 Feb 2020 by Helen Denny, Head of Global Customer Experience, The Myers-Briggs Company

Reflections on our first charity partnership

The importance of purpose

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Posted 05 Dec 2019 by Will Cleare, Head of HR (Europe), The Myers-Briggs Company

How developing your business goals can increase engagement

The changing shape of teams

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Posted 22 Oct 2019 by The Myers-Briggs Company

Teams and Google’s Project Aristotle

Type and teams

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Posted 30 Aug 2019 by Helen Rayner, Lead Consultant at The Myers-Briggs Company

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How to motivate the people you manage

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Posted 06 Aug 2019 by Melissa Summer, PR and Content Marketing Manager at The Myers-Briggs Company

Motivation - more than 'get it done’

Six things managers and executives can do to improve company culture

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Posted 26 Jun 2019 by Jeff Hayes, President and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company

6 things managers and executives can do

Are some personality types happier than others?

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Posted 23 May 2019 by The Myers-Briggs Company

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Are you a gig worker?

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Posted 05 Apr 2019 by John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership for The Myers-Briggs Company

If you aren’t sure, read on…

The Psychology of Change

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Posted 15 Mar 2019 by Melissa Summer, Content Marketing and PR Manager at The Myers-Briggs Company

There’s an important part of business growth that’s often overlooked – change.