Resilience training

Apply personality insights to manage stress and build resilience

Deliver effective resilience-building interventions by qualifying as an expert practitioner in the MBTI® Step I, Step II or FIRO® tools, or learning how to use the TKI™ conflict tool.

The MBTI Step I tool is easy to understand, and has the power and breadth to deliver the deep insights and common language needed not just for managing stress, but for ongoing development across a wide range of business issues. To become an expert MBTI facilitator and understand how different types respond to stress, you are required to qualify in the use of the MBTI Step I tool. Find out more about MBTI Step I training
The team now gives each other better, more constructive feedback, and we say what we feel or need, and how we want feedback to be given.

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Supportive relationships at work can buffer us from negative consequences of stress, but when relationships break down they can be a major source of stress. The FIRO framework quickly engages with people and helps them get the most out of relationships at work by understanding how individuals differ in what they need and expect from each other. To become an expert FIRO facilitator and learn to use people’s drivers and motivations to manage stress, FIRO qualification is required. Find out more about FIRO training
Whenever stress levels rise, conflict is rarely far away. The TKI delivers rapid, actionable strategies that allow people to choose different approaches to manage conflict productively. Although no qualification is required to purchase the TKI instrument, The Myers-Briggs Company does offer a TKI facilitator’s workshop that will help build confidence in using the tool. Find out more about TKI training
The MBTI Step II tool builds on Step I and uncovers each person’s individual personality and work styles. With individualised developmental tips to improve communication, problem-solving, decision-making, change management and confict management, Step II provides deep insight into how stress at work can be managed for productive outcomes. Find out more about MBTI Step II training