Five most common reasons for employees to resign

heading for the exit
Posted 04 Mar 2015 by John Hackston - Head of R&D at OPP

A recent survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) revealed that 37% of employees plan handing in their notice in 2015. The chief motivation for this was "better opportunity for progression" (cited by 59% of respondents). Faced with the prospect of stagnation, many people see better chances for career progression elsewhere.

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Top five OPP blog articles of 2014

What's your type tipple?
Posted 29 Dec 2014 by OPP Ltd

Visits to our Personality Matters blog were at an all-time high in 2014, and we covered a wide range of topics in our weekly posts. Over the last 12 months we've talked about the best MBTI-based books and the various resources available for L&D teams. We’ve promoted Movember, and we’ve commented on the Paul Flowers furore. We've also continued to thrive as thought leaders in a diverse range of workplace psychology issues, from recruitment and assessment centres to polarity management. But what are the top five posts that readers have returned to again and again?

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Ten top tips for staff retention

Bowl of fruit
Posted 11 Dec 2014 by Julia Nickless - Key Account Manager at OPP

Staff retention is a major issue for many organisations. Some environments are feeling the effects more than others - call centres, for example, are practically haemorrhaging employees. Consequently, HR professionals need to find more effective ways to retain talent. Our blog post offers ten top tips for engaging with staff and keeping them on board.

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Celebrate with 25 free resources for practitioners

OPP at 25 logo
Posted 28 May 2014 by OPP

Few things in life are free – but OPP has some really cool free resources to support you in your work! To help celebrate our 25 years in the business, we’ve taken a trawl through the various goodies available for zero outlay on our website. They range from white papers and feedback materials to fun quick guides and infographics – many of which can also be found on our practitioner downloads page.

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HR Strikes Back at the HR Grapevine Conference!

Darth Vader and Sirius
Posted 20 Mar 2014 by Julia Nickless, Key Account Manager at OPP

Last week I attended the fabulous, fun HR Grapevine Conference, HR Strikes Back – and the organisers had really gone to town on the Star Wars theme, with Darth Vader and his storm trooper pals photobombing the stands and taking an interest in talent management that seemed more measured than usual! Gimmicks aside, the conference proved to be a fascinating opportunity to talk to key HR people from some high-profile organisations, and to get inspired about the latest thinking from companies looking to get the best from their people.

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Recruiting? Eight great questions you should ask yourself

Woman with sign saying hire me
Posted 13 Feb 2014 by John Hackston, Head of R&D at OPP

Recruiting is a difficult job, and we think you deserve as much help as possible in selecting the right people. So here are eight great questions you should ask yourself – and some answers.

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Welcome! Goodbye...?

Viking jumps ship
Posted 03 Jan 2014 by Anna Czaplewska, Support Consultant, OPP; and Betsy Kendall, COO and Head of Professional Services, OPP

Finally! After the months of searching, countless interviews and spending a substantial amount on recruitment, you’ve found your perfect new hire! She’s starting next month, so you can relax until her arrival. Now you have more important things to focus on... If only you knew that those “more important things” will mean little in a few months’ time, when your new employee decides to leave due to your lack of preparation for her arrival, and you have to start recruiting all over again.

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