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Deliver resonant, immediately applicable leadership development by qualifying as an expert practitioner in the MBTI® Step I, Step II or FIRO® tools.

The MBTI Step I tool is easy to understand, and has the power and breadth to deliver the deep insights and common language needed not just for leadership development, but for ongoing development across a wide range of business issues. To become an expert MBTI facilitator and deliver this insight, you are required to qualify in the use of the MBTI Step I tool. Find out more about MBTI Step I training

It has made a fundamental difference to the organisation. The development programme has been a great success, transforming relationships within the leadership team, and winning new business.

Ian CarenCEO. Launchpad

The MBTI Step II tool builds on Step I and uncovers each person’s individual personality and work styles. Step II provides a fine-grained understanding of personality, helping to create highly personalised development plans that can have a dramatic impact on a leader’s performance. Find out more about MBTI Step II training

The FIRO framework helps you to quickly engage and support leaders working through interpersonal differences, and resolve issues they cause. Fast and accessible, this tool uncovers interpersonal needs, wants, relationship style and behaviour, removing barriers to a leader's success. Find out more about FIRO training