Is conflict holding you back?

Posted 08 August 2018 by

In her blog How to fail to achieve your organisational goals, Katy Lyne explored how ‘survival’ behaviours lead to dysfunctional teams. This is particularly problematic when the team is responsible for key business decisions.

Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report explains how lack of integration within leadership teams can mean that decisions are made too slowly – failing to line up with real-time business demands.

As well as enforcing a culture of ‘psychological safety’ at work, we can help make better and quicker decisions by looking specifically at conflict scenarios.

Conflict is a key activator for survival behaviours, which inhibit our problem-solving abilities. If we take a step back from conflict, we can consider a range of approaches and decide which will result in the most beneficial outcome.

The approaches are outlined by the TKI. They are placed on a spectrum of cooperation and assertiveness, with different approaches being better suited to different situations.

Join us on August 23, 2018 to find out more about the different approaches to conflict and how you can use them. You can sign up for the webcast here.


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