Work related stress and resilience

Do you feel like stress is getting in the way of your success?

How does stress affect us?

A certain level of stress can help us focus and be more productive but too much stress has the opposite effect. It’s important to know how much stress you’re comfortable with and when it starts to damage your performance.

It isn’t always easy to tell when someone, even yourself, is experiencing too much stress. We’re all affected differently by stress – stress is personal.

When stress starts to impact us, we become an exaggerated version of ourselves. What are normally our strengths become our weaknesses.

When we experience even more stress, we start to act out of character: losing objectivity or ignoring other people’s feelings. This has a negative impact on both ourselves and those around us.

Effective coping techniques for stress help people to:

  • Improve their performance at work
  • Make better use of time and resources
  • Improve relationships by reducing conflict

Once you understand your reaction to stress, you can develop effective, personal coping mechanisms. If you usually prefer to be independent, you might benefit from opening up to a friend or colleague for advice. If you like being around lots of people, a small break alone to clear your head could help.

Stress accounts for 45% of all working days lost due to ill health

Stress management: the next steps

Want to learn more about how our personalities influence our response to stress?

Here are some materials to get you started.

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70% of people find their work stressful