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The Myers-Briggs Company uses self-awareness to help people build on their communication strengths and become aware of their blind spots, helping to drive organisational success.

Good communication is the basis for all human interaction, and is therefore essential to the smooth running of any business. Clear, precise communication can reduce wasted effort and resources, and avoid frustrating delays. But even the best communicators can sometimes be misunderstood, and need help to hone their skills.
Communicating well is not obvious – and it means something different to each person. The Myers-Briggs Company uses an understanding of different personality types to boost communication. Our tried and trusted MBTI® tools raise self-awareness, which helps people build on their communication strengths, and understand where their blind spots are.
By developing the ability to adapt communication style to the audience, people can get their message across to all types of people. As a result, their activities run smoothly and they operate at their optimal productivity.
  • Increased performance, better results
  • More effective use of time and resources
  • Maximised opportunities
  • Clearer decisions
  • Improved morale
The Myers-Briggs Company has over 20 years’ experience helping individuals and organisations to communicate better and be more productive. Our psychometric instruments are used by over half of the FTSE 100, and our clients include organsations as diverse as the DVLA and the RAF. These and many other customers have benefitted from events, exercises and activities that have a lasting impact on their organisation.
Where teams understand each other and there is trust, communication starts to flow naturally – team members plug each others’ weak points and work better together. Since using the MBTI Communication Style Report, people are reporting marked improvements in personal effectiveness, and have a much more productive perception of their colleagues.

Jon KerseySenior Development Manager/Consultant. Global banking organisation

Improve communication with MBTI

  • The MBTI Communication Style Report gives a complete picture of the strengths and behaviours that drive each person’s natural communication style, and concrete advice for how to make communication flow better.
  • The MBTI Step II Interpretive Report includes a section dedicated to looking in more detail at communication style as it relates to nine of the Step II facets.