The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment

A foundation for lifelong personal development

By defining personality type, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment builds a robust foundation for lifelong personal development. It provides a constructive, flexible, and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.

The MBTI assessment is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. Far more than simple personality questionnaires, the MBTI® Step I and Step II assessments provide a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. The MBTI framework reveals how we approach the world around us and interact with others, offering insights into our motivation and the motivations of others. This provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness.

  • The MBTI Step I assessment identifies our personality preferences on four pairs of opposites and provides a positive, easy-to-use framework to explain similarities and differences.

  • The MBTI Step II assessment delves deeper into the nuances of the four Step I preference pairs, providing insight into the unique ways in which we express our personality preferences.

Starting with an understanding of MBTI type, the MBTI framework supports a far-reaching and lifelong Development Journey that embraces many common challenges both inside and outside the workplace:

Applications of the MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Company is the official publisher of the MBTI assessment and associated products. This means that when you buy from The Myers-Briggs Company, you know you are getting the genuine article—the assessment created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs and backed by more than 70 years of rigorous research. 

There are many free personality assessments out there. Some even give you a four-letter type that looks just like MBTI information—but it’s not. The MBTI framework comes with a quality guarantee that ensures the results are as accurate as possible. MBTI Certified Practitioners are expert in applying the assessment in an ethical way that acknowledges the role of each individual in determining their own four-letter type.

British Psychological Society Registered Test

* Note: Assessio is The Myers-Briggs Company's approved distributor for the MBTI assessment in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Giunti Psychometrics is The Myers-Briggs Company’s approved distributor of the MBTI assessment in Italy.

In order to maintain rigorous standards of quality in the field of personality assessment, access to the MBTI assessment and associated products is restricted. To use the MBTI Step I and Step II assessments and purchase MBTI reports, you must successfully complete the MBTI Certification Program. 

Visit our MBTI certification page to find out how to become an MBTI Certified Practitioner.