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Welcome from our CEO

Welcome from our CEO
Posted 26 Oct 2018 by Jeff Hayes

Jeff Hayes gives his perspective on The Myers-Briggs Company

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Posted 01 Aug 2018 by Stu Belcher, Product Manager at OPP

Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment

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What about GDPR?

Posted 15 May 2018 by OPP

In light of Europe’s new regulations on data protection, we’ve outlined our commitments to GDPR.

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Salary: secrecy or transparency?

Posted 27 Jul 2017 by Catherine Ellwood, Principal Consultant at OPP

The BBC, Norway and a tech start-up who is bucking the trend.

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Decisions and Brexit: are you Tough or Tender?

MBTI decision making
Posted 28 Mar 2017 by John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership, OPP

Exploring the MBTI Thinking-Feeling Step II facets in the context of Brexit

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This girl can

International Women's Day 2017
Posted 08 Mar 2017 by Katy Lyne, Principal Consultant, OPP

Myers, Briggs and International Women’s Day

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The rise of the robots

Are robots taking our jobs thm
Posted 16 Jun 2016 by John Hackston, Head of Research at OPP

A robot workforce with personality? Where does the MBTI framework fit in?

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Borderline research

London skyline thumb
Posted 26 Mar 2015 by Rob Bailey - Principal R&D Consultant at OPP

I’m embarrassed by a tweet I sent yesterday. I quoted a BBC article that I’m now doubtful about. It wasn’t the tweet about Clarkson; I’m still fully behind the BBC’s decisive action in the face of an odious form of workplace bullying. No, the tweet was about research into regional differences of personality in Great Britain.

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The Selfie Stick of Shame

Posted 16 Jan 2015 by John Hackston - Head of R&D at OPP

In the news this week, it seems that Humberside Police have come up with a novel way of recruiting their new Deputy Chief Constable. Prospective applicants were asked to include a ‘selfie’ with every request for an application pack. According to Chief Constable Justine Curran, this was because it was “vital that candidates embraced new technology” (hence presumably the idea that candidates should demonstrate their cutting edge technological expertise by taking and emailing a photograph). In Curran’s words, “it is vital that potential candidates understand the importance of embracing new technology within Humberside Police at the point of applying for the role”.

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Top five OPP blog articles of 2014

What's your type tipple?
Posted 19 Dec 2014 by OPP Ltd

Visits to our Personality Matters blog were at an all-time high in 2014, and we covered a wide range of topics in our weekly posts. Over the last 12 months we've talked about the best MBTI-based books and the various resources available for L&D teams. We’ve promoted Movember, and we’ve commented on the Paul Flowers furore. We've also continued to thrive as thought leaders in a diverse range of workplace psychology issues, from recruitment and assessment centres to polarity management. But what are the top five posts that readers have returned to again and again?

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Celebrate with 25 free resources for practitioners

OPP at 25 logo
Posted 28 May 2014 by OPP

Few things in life are free – but OPP has some really cool free resources to support you in your work! To help celebrate our 25 years in the business, we’ve taken a trawl through the various goodies available for zero outlay on our website. They range from white papers and feedback materials to fun quick guides and infographics – many of which can also be found on our practitioner downloads page.

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Should we blame psychometric tests for Paul Flowers’ mismanagement of the Co-operative Bank?

Cooperative Bank
Posted 29 Jan 2014 by John Hackston, Head of R&D at OPP

The news headlines today seem to make uncomfortable reading for test publishers like OPP. Apparently, failed Co-op Chairman Paul Flowers “aced” psychometric tests during recruitment, thereby pipping the more experienced and skilled candidates at the post. Given the disastrous results of Paul Flowers’ leadership of the bank, surely this means that psychometric tests are useless and should be thrown out?

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When being at the top isn't a riotous affair

Posted 22 Aug 2011 by opp

Good leadership means being able to navigate through both good times and bad. So where are the political leaders as the riots unfold in London and elsewhere?

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Are Gen Y corporate prisoners?

Posted 05 Sep 2011 by betsykendall

Members of Gen Y who have been stuck in career plateaus are likely to try and move on to bigger and better things once we're out of recession.

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The importance of good judgment

Posted 17 Oct 2011 by pauldeakin

The ability to predict who will have the potential to exercise good judgment is useful when choosing a leader.

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Occupy London - a positive form of conflict?

Posted 11 Nov 2011 by heathercoop

We all have preferred methods for dealing with conflict, but we may not be using the approach that is most appropriate for a particular situation.

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A lost generation?

Posted 05 Dec 2011 by heathercoop

Reports suggest that rising youth unemployment is creating a ‘lost generation’ of young people.

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News travels fast - social media and employer brand

Posted 14 Dec 2011 by robbailey

The surge in social media usage in recent years presents new problems for employers about employees' conduct on such sites.

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Should I stay or should I go? David Cameron’s negotiation style with the EU

TKI conflict-handling modes
Posted 21 Dec 2011 by Rob Bailey

David Cameron’s veto at the recent EU summit has given us all something to talk about. At OPP, the whole episode has been a reminder of the variety of ways that a person might approach conflict and negotiation.

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Is power sharing the key to engagement?

Posted 23 Jan 2012 by opp

Shared business ownership can have many benefits in the workplace.

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