How personality type affects team performance and job satisfaction

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Posted 16 November 2023 by
Global Marketing, The Myers-Briggs Company

New research sends clear message to team leaders

Happiness and profit are synergistic

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Posted 06 June 2023 by
Global Marketing, The Myers-Briggs Company

Why well-being is crucial to employee and organizational performance

Introducing The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast

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Posted 09 August 2022 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

The Myers-Briggs Company is launching a new podcast about psychology, personality, work life, and how to get the best from life. 

Were you asked if you wanted to go back to the office?

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Posted 24 May 2022 by
Kevin Wood, The Myers-Briggs Company

If not, you might be part of a hybrid strategy that’s about to fail.

Social contracts, returning to the office and retaining your people in the new hybrid workplace

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Posted 20 May 2022 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

As employees return to the office, they’re expecting more flexibility in their social contracts with employers. How can HR help?

Leading while Black and introverted

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Posted 27 August 2020 by
Melissa Summer, Global Content Marketing Manager, The Myers-Briggs Company

What happens at the intersection of race, type and leadership? 

How to think like an entrepreneur

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Posted 20 November 2019 by
Rose Collins, Marketing Content Executive, The Myers-Briggs Company

Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week

Reflections on my first 18 months as an MBTI practitioner in the University of Oxford

Reflections as an MBTI practitioner
Posted 10 August 2017 by
Dr Mike Moss, Alumni Careers Programme Manager, University of Oxford

Reflections on the first 18 months of an MBTI practitioner.

Salary: secrecy or transparency?

Salary - secrecy or transparency?
Posted 27 July 2017 by
Catherine Ellwood, Principal Consultant at OPP

The BBC, Norway and a tech start-up who is bucking the trend.

The introverted trainer | The Myers-Briggs Company

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Posted 12 May 2017 by
Michael R. Segovia, M.A., CPP Lead MBTI Certification Trainer

Any MBTI type can do any job and bring different strengths to the table

Decisions, self-confidence and the glass ceiling: can the MBTI framework help?

Men and women in executive directorships
Posted 06 January 2017 by
John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership, OPP

Exploring the glass ceiling using MBTI data.

The rise of the robots

Are robots taking our jobs thm
Posted 16 June 2016 by
John Hackston, Head of Research at OPP

A robot workforce with personality? Where does the MBTI framework fit in?

How long will it be before Smartphones replace computers for employee assessment?

Posted 05 August 2015 by
Robert McHenry - Chairman at OPP

1.5 billion people in the world own a smartphone. That’s almost 20% of the world’s population; and in the US and Europe, 60% of the population own one. Such a ubiquitous device has become part of our daily lives. Many of us have it on hand at all times to check the weather forecast, get directions, access our text and email messages and read the latest news. Indeed, the average user spends three hours per day on a smartphone and 15% of all global internet traffic originates from smartphones.

Digital badges

Posted 29 May 2015 by
Robert McHenry - Chairman at OPP

How do you best represent yourself to potential employers? How do you bring your professional reputation to the forefront? Up to now, the answer has been to craft and polish a CV. However, we know that prospective employers are likely to spend just eight seconds reading each CV submitted with a job application. The new way to get yourself noticed is to display your qualifications on a site like LinkedIn with the use of digital badges.

Top five blog articles of 2014

What's your type tipple?
Posted 29 December 2014 by

Visits to our Personality Matters blog were at an all-time high in 2014, and we covered a wide range of topics in our weekly posts. Over the last 12 months we've talked about the best MBTI-based books and the various resources available for L&D teams. We’ve promoted Movember, and we’ve commented on the Paul Flowers furore. We've also continued to thrive as thought leaders in a diverse range of workplace psychology issues, from recruitment and assessment centres to polarity management. But what are the top five posts that readers have returned to again and again?

Celebrate with 25 free resources for practitioners

OPP at 25 logo
Posted 28 May 2014 by

Few things in life are free – but OPP has some really cool free resources to support you in your work! To help celebrate our 25 years in the business, we’ve taken a trawl through the various goodies available for zero outlay on our website. They range from white papers and feedback materials to fun quick guides and infographics – many of which can also be found on our practitioner downloads page.

Psychometric testing: why nobody has to miss out

The selection 'funnel'
Posted 05 February 2014 by
John Hackston, Head of R&D at OPP

There is a large and growing body of evidence that psychometric tests and questionnaires are among the best recruitment tools you can use. Incorporating psychometric tools on top of structured interviews and other objective assessments adds real value by increasing the quality of each hire – as well as helping you to avoid big recruitment mistakes. So it is good news that the most recent CIPD Resourcing and Talent Planning Report shows that over half of all the organisations surveyed do use ability tests or personality questionnaires in selection.

The BBC Bike Test – heading in the wrong direction

Crazy businessman in bike
Posted 20 December 2013 by
Rob Bailey, Managing Consultant at OPP

We all enjoy fanciful nonsense from time to time. Perhaps as a child you held a buttercup under a friend’s chin and declared that they liked butter. Some of these myths we grow out of, others we come to cherish; many of these are the foundations of pseudoscience. Unfortunately, the BBC’s journalists don’t seem immune. In my humble opinion, the latest offering from the BBC's Business section is the equivalent of holding a cow under your friend’s chin to see if they like milk.

You don't have to be motivated to work here, but it helps!

Bored in the office
Posted 27 November 2013 by
Betsy Kendall, COO and Head of Professional Services, OPP

According to a recent CIPD report, job turnover has slowed significantly over the past 15 years. This means that, in general, people are choosing to stay in their current roles rather than make voluntary exits (ie resignations and retirement). On the surface it might appear to be nothing but good news for an organisation that much-valued members of staff are choosing to stay. However, for this to be a wholly positive trend, people need to be staying put for the right reasons...

Would you rather go on a date with Apple or McDonalds?

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Posted 11 October 2013 by
Robert McHenry, Chairman at OPP

That’s one of the questions I posed to delegates at the European Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP) at their annual conference two weeks ago. I’ll tell you later how they answered. I was looking at the future of the recruitment industry and how the method of searching for top talent has been changing rapidly over the past two years.