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1  x Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type and Leadership 

Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type and Leadership

Develop more effective leaders of every type

In Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership (2nd ed.), practitioners will find a wealth of material on the strengths of leaders of each personality type, as well as areas requiring development, to create a personalised road map for the continued growth of any leader

It also helps leaders, as well as their mentors and coaches,

  • Identify individual leadership potential
  • Create a plan tailored to specific leadership challenges while staying true to each leader's true nature
  • Focus on the three key leader activities: setting direction, inspiring others to work toward that direction, and mobilising the effective accomplishment of goals
  • Accelerate leadership development through the use of type dynamics

The second edition includes the following enhancements:

  • New design for a refreshed look and feel
  • Improved content organisation and layout for better usability
  • Updated type language for easier comprehension of MBTI concepts
  • Updated data on type distribution of leaders based on latest MBTI research
  • Complimentary access to the all-new companion website

Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership Companion Website

This all-new companion website presents MBTI type concepts in a dynamic digital format to enhance learning and retention. The website is intended to be used in conjunction with the booklet and is designed to help individuals explore further the MBTI framework after an initial training. Each Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership booklet purchased contains a unique access code that allows the owner to register for free unlimited access to the website.


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