FIRO-B Interpretive Report for Organisations

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FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organisations

FIRO-B scores applied to an organisational setting

The FIRO Interpretive Report for Organisations helps individuals understand their behaviour and the behaviour of others within their organisation.

This report is part of the FIRO-B report family. It is particularly useful when used in team communication and leadership development. 

This 14-page report looks at career planning and development, job satisfaction and individual effectiveness through the FIRO lens, to identify individual strengths and development areas. The report results show how strong an individual’s needs are for general interpersonal contact and interaction; how much they like to take initiative and how much they prefer others to take initiative; and which needs have the strongest influence on behaviour in relationships. Additionally, this report highlights development areas to consider in order to achieve better individual and team performance.

The FIRO-B Interpretive Report for Organisations contains

  • An initial narrative summary of the respondent’s FIRO-B results, including associated behaviours and indications
  • Patterns of need fulfillment in the three areas
  • Detailed exploration of the implications of the results in three areas (career development, team effectiveness and leadership) and opportunities for improvement within these areas 

When to use the FIRO-B Interpretive Report for Organisations

  • Team development and communication
  • Awareness of fit to future role
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching at all levels

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