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Last week we launched the new online shop, part of our ongoing programme of customer-focused website enhancements. Available in English, German, French, and Dutch, it enables customers to  review and re-order any previous online transactions, offers additional payment options, and provides parcel tracking.

To celebrate the launch of the shop we thought it would be useful to highlight the most popular resources that have been purchased through our online ordering during 2014. These are the items that our customers find most useful (along with the many popular reports ordered by practitioners via OPPassessment). How many of them are in your portfolio of essential resources?

MBTI Introduction to Type

1. Introduction to Type

Perennial best-seller – the classic introduction to MBTI type. Available in 14 different languages, in print and eBook formats.

2. TKI Question & Answer Booklet

Thomas Kilmann Question & Answer Booklet

Contains all you need to facilitate a workshop on the constructive use of conflict at work - including administration and scoring to create an individual’s TKI profile.

3. MBTI Development Workbook

MBTI Development Workbook

Indispensable resource to support individual and group MBTI feedback.


4. Flip-a-Type Tip!

MBTI Flip a Type Tip - pack of 4

Useful in day-to-day office life, this desktop resource enables people to compare and contrast their preferences with a colleague’s or a client’s.

5. Group Feedback kit

Group Feedback Kit

Containing all the materials you need to bring Type feedback sessions to life as a foundation for ongoing development.


6. In the Grip

MBTI In the Grip: Understanding Type, Stress and the Inferior Function

The superlative guide to managing stress via an understanding of MBTI type.

7. Introduction to the FIRO-B Instrument

Introduction to the FIRO-B Instrument in Organisations (Pack of 10)

The essential companion resource to support individual and team interventions to build better relationships.

8. Introduction to Type in Organisations

MBTI Introduction into Type in Organisations

Offers invaluable insight into how others deal with workplace stress, conflict, change and work styles.

9. Introduction to Type in Teams

Introduction to Type and Teams - 10 per pack

Shows how, when used in a team context, the power of the MBTI process can be multiplied to the benefit of everyone.

10. Introduction to Type and Leadership

Introduction to Type and Leadership

Equips leaders to boost their effectiveness by developing an authentic strengths-based style.

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