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1  x Introduction to Type and Learning - eBook 

Introduction to Type and Learning - eBook

Take control of learning through the MBTI® framework

Gain insight into learning styles and key learning strategies. The eBook format is ideal for working in virtual situations, delivering a pdf direct to clients.

Why it’s useful

People learn in a multitude of ways – some by seeing, some by listening, and some by doing. No matter what your learning preference, this insightful booklet will help you make the most of your learning opportunities.

Author Donna Dunning introduces key learning strategies and learning style insights. Designed for adult learners who want to take control of their learning, it provides a comprehensive guide for enhancing learning effectiveness. Whether you are returning to school, learning on the job, or developing skills and knowledge related to your personal interests, the eBook will help you identify your learning style and develop and apply strategies that suit your learning preferences. If you facilitate the learning of other adults, it will help you identify your teaching style and show you how to accommodate the learning preferences of others.

Who it’s for

Introduction to Type and Learning is for educators and trainers wanting to identify their own teaching style and help others boost learning performance, take on board new information and develop skills. It is also aimed at adult learners looking to take control of the learning process.

What’s inside

  • An overview of basic and advanced MBTI type preference concepts
  • Top 10 learning strategies relevant and useful in many different learning situations
  • Personality type and learning styles for each of the eight MBTI type preferences
  • Learning styles of the eight MBTI four-letter types based on the dominant function
  • Concrete application suggestions for accommodating and appealing to all eight of these learning styles


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