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1  x Introduction to Type and Coaching (Second Edition) - eBook 

Introduction to Type and Coaching (Second Edition) - eBook

Help individuals plan for continued development

Boost your coaching skills with this dynamic guide for individual development. The eBook format is ideal for working in virtual situations, delivering a pdf direct to clients.

Why it’s useful

Introduction to Type and Coaching, 2nd edition, is a practical resource and planning tool that helps coaches guide individuals in applying MBTI® type concepts to their professional and personal lives.

Written as a guide to maximising the impact of coaching experiences, the eBook equips you with an easy-to-follow four-step process for drafting a coaching plan. It includes type insights that will help derive optimal value from each coaching session.

Who it’s for

Introduction to Type and Coaching can be used by executive coaches, HR professionals and managers, working with individuals in a coaching context. It is also an invaluable resource for those being coached.

What’s inside

  • Type insights and the coaching process in five steps: assessing type; determining strengths and challenges; evaluating individual needs; assessing skills and interests; developing an action plan
  • Useful information on personality preferences, with tips for each of the 16 MBTI personality types
  • Planning tools
  • Insights into learning styles
  • Coaching tools to assist decision making, communication, dealing with stress, managing change, developing new skills and achieving life balance


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