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Posted 23 March 2022 by
by Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

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Change is inevitable. And as the hybrid workplace becomes a new normal for many organizations, it brings specific benefits and challenges to managing uncertainty and successfully implementing change initiatives.

In Psychology of Change in the Hybrid Workplace, psychologists and personality experts at The Myers-Briggs Company share their knowledge and experience around change management with specific, actionable insights you can use to better deal with change for your team and your employees.

Additionally, the in-depth examples illustrate how these insights would play out in the hybrid workplace where some managers and employees are working remotely, and others aren't.

You'll learn five distinct ways to use psychological and personality insights to help your people manage uncertainty and get what they need to bring change initiatives to life. In addition, you'll get basic psychological insights such as negativity bias and interpersonal needs. 


Whether you’re a people manager or an HR leader, you'll learn to:

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