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1  x Introduction to Type and Change - eBook 

Introduction to Type and Change - eBook

Let MBTI® type help you make sense of organisational change

Equip people with strategies to cope and thrive during change and transition. The eBook format is ideal for working in virtual situations, delivering a pdf direct to clients.

Why it’s useful

Organisational change sometimes seems to be never-ending. Different types of working, such as remote working or online collaboration, create new challenges for our professional relationships – and added to this, many organisations experience ongoing structural change. With restructures, mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing all part of many people’s working lives, this eBook brings in the unique perspective of MBTI type, helping people to understand why different people respond in different ways to such change, and how to smooth the lines of communication and collaboration in the face of it.

Who it’s for

This eBook is aimed at anyone experiencing any kind of organisational change, and who already knows their MBTI best-fit type. In particular, it will help overcome potential sources of conflict in times of transition – such as the fact that some people find change exciting (and may instigate it), while others find it overwhelming and draining. This eBook helps delineate these differences, and assists everyone in realising how to get the best from change – whether you are on the receiving end of it, or whether you’re wondering how to communicate it to others.

How to use it

This guide can be used as a key reference point for anyone involved in making or adapting to a change in the workplace. It provides information to expand the reader’s understanding of themselves and their peers, such as the predictable effects of change on people of different MBTI types. Additionally, there are actionable tips, both to help individuals take charge of their own needs and support their colleagues, and to help leaders implement and talk about change in a way that will appeal to all types of people.

What’s inside?

  • The guide includes a section for each type outlining their needs during times of change, reactions when needs are not met, how they deal with losses, and their responses during the transition and start-up phases of change.
  • It provides insight into the effects of imposed change, and advice about change fatigue, cynicism, stress and leadership through change, constantly building on MBTI type information to produce concrete tips for how to deal with problems.
  • It also gives three practical resources for managing change, with specific actions that can be implemented to deal with the fall-out.


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