Introduction to Type and Decision Making
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Introduction to Type and Decision Making

Sharpen and improve decision-making skills

This booklet uses type to help your clients become better decision makers

Why it’s useful

Honing and upgrading decision-making skills can make the difference between becoming an industry leader or an also-ran. This booklet uses type to help your clients become better decision makers, as it:

  • Describes how each preference influences decision-making style
  • Explores how the preferences relate to five core decision-making processes
  • Spotlights each type's decision-making strengths, challenges, and areas for development
  • Provides a concise overview of decision-making skills and strategies and practical developmental tips for each of the 16 MBTI® types.

Who it’s for

Introduction to Type and Decision Making is for trainers and practitioners working with individuals to enhance business skills through effective decision making.

What’s inside

  • Each MBTI type discussed in depth in relation to decision-making styles
  • A brief introduction to preferences and type dynamics
  • Understanding preferences and decision-making
  • Case studies offering examples of effective decision-making processes 
  • Tips on enhancing decision-making techniques
  • Tips on resources and further reading

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