ABLE - Helpline - question and answer booklet
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Helpline Question and Answer Booklet - 10 per pack

Contains sample brochures for each candidate.

Helpline Preview leaflets (Pk 10)

  • Preview Leaflets are to be distributed to each candidate prior to the assessment being undertaken. It will enable them to understand why the tool is being administered, how the assessment works and what to expect. It also answers all necessary preparatory questions and how to undertake the assessment.

Helpline Question and Answer booklet (Pk 10)

  • The Question and Answer Booklet is required by all candidates undertaking the ABLE Critical Business Planning Assessment. It contains example questions and is where the candidate’s answers are recorded. Each Helpline Question and Answer Booklet is single use. This document is required to be used with the Helpline Manual, the Helpline Customer Database and the Helpline Crime Database for a candidate to undertake the assessment. Once the Helpline Question and Answer Booklet has been completed by the candidate, it will need to be marked using the Helpline Scorekey.