ABLE - Vetting Applications - answer booklet
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Critical Business Planning Candidate Bundle

Candidate Bundles contain new copies of the materials that are used by the candidates every time they take an assessment.

Everything that is used by a candidate is resupplied to keep you topped up and to keep your ABLE set complete. The material used by the candidates is always presented with the associated leaflets and instructions to ensure every assessment is fully supported.

  • Critical Business Planning Preview leaflet (Pk 10) – consumable
    Preview Leaflets are to be distributed to each candidate prior to the assessment being undertaken. It will enable them to understand why the tool is being administered, how the assessment works and what to expect. It also answers all necessary preparatory questions and how to undertake the assessment.
  • Critical Business Planning Question and Answer booklet (Pk 10)consumable (not available for individual purchase)
    Each candidate records their results and findings in the Question and Answer Booklet, which must be new and unused in every case. The Critical Business Planning Information File must be used in conjunction with the Question and Answer Booklet and the assessment cannot be administered without this. Once the assessment is finished, the Critical Business Planning Exercise Scorekey is used to quickly and efficiently mark the candidate’s responses and to obtain the final score.
  • Critical Business Planning Administration Instructions - required by the invigilator
    Administration Instructions set out the precise rules and procedures that are used to keep the delivery of every assessment identical. Follow the instructions and deliver every appraisal consistently.