New MBTI® Activity Series exercises

A series of MBTI-based exercises to enhance learning and development with Step I and Step II

Equipping MBTI practitioners with tried and tested resources to bring type theory to life and make it useful in an organisational setting.

The MBTI® Activity Series exercises are a great way for practitioners to apply type theory to raise awareness of different approaches and challenges in the way people work together. They cover a range of business applications such as dealing with change, conflict, decision making, stress, problem solving and team culture. The series also includes exercises that focus on individual MBTI preference pairs in more depth to understand the impact of each element of type.

Each Activity Series exercise comes with presentation slides and/or re-producible masters required for delivery so you can use them again and again. For a full description of each exercise, click on the titles below:

MBTI Step I exercises

MBTI Step II exercises