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Addressing the inaccuracies in ‘Persona’ about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBT®) assessment

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Posted 07 Mar 2021 by Jamie Viviano, Sr. Manager Global Websites

The topic of personality assessment (especially Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, or MBTI®, personality types) sparks immense enthusiasm from supporters around the world as well as a fair share of criticism from skeptics. When we first heard about the Persona program, we were excited to participate and share a thorough analysis of the benefits that the MBTI assessment offers our customers. We’d hoped for a balanced, in-depth review of the personality topic. The program has been relea...

MBTI certification (from the comfort of my couch)

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Posted 18 Jan 2021 by Margaret Quane, Leadership & Executive Coach at The People Practice

Leadership coach Margaret Quane shares her experience going through the virtual MBTI certification program.

Patrick Lencioni on team trust, vulnerability, and the MBTI® assessment

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Posted 13 Jan 2021 by Kevin Wood, Writer at The Myers-Briggs Company

The author of 5 Dysfunctions of a Team shares his insights on the MBTI assessment for individual and team development...

Leading while Black and introverted

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Posted 27 Aug 2020 by Melissa Summer, Global Content Marketing Manager, The Myers-Briggs Company

What happens at the intersection of race, type and leadership? 

Survivor guilt and the aftermath of lockdown

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Posted 17 Jul 2020 by John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership, The Myers-Briggs Company

Does personality impact survivor syndrome?

The Platinum Rule for business

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Posted 02 Jul 2020 by Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson, Senior Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

How observing the Platinum Rule builds stronger workplace relationships

Self Awareness, Leadership and Organizational Success

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Posted 18 Jun 2020 by Claire Bremner, Principal Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

What can self-awareness in your company's leaders contribute to organizational success? 

Black Lives Matter

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Posted 12 Jun 2020 by Jeff Hayes, CEO, The Myers-Briggs Company

We know we can do better. We stand firmly in support of #equality and racial and social #justice. Read more from our CEO...

Is "work-life balance" just a myth?

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Posted 10 Jun 2020 by Sherrie Haynie, Director of US Professional Services, The Myers-Briggs Company

The conversation over work-life balance began in the middle of the Industrial Revolition. After so much time and money spent, how do so many companies still get it wrong?

Missing this one thing makes team collaboration impossible

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Posted 28 May 2020 by Claire Bremner, Principal Consultant, The Myers-Briggs Company

What's the key ingredient to team collaboration? This second piece on leadership will show you...