In-house training

Flexible program delivery for multiple participants

Can't find a date in our public schedule that works for you? Or want to train six or more people within your organization at the same time? All our certification programs and application courses can be delivered in-house. Here are four great reasons why clients choose in-house training:

  • Learn from experts: In-house training is delivered by expert consultants here at The Myers-Briggs Company. Our consultants have years of experience helping organizations address a variety of business and people challenges.
  • In-person or virtual training: Whether your team is office-based or remote, we’ve got you covered. We offer both in-person and virtual in-house programs. For in-person programs, our expert consultants will travel to you. 
  • Flexible program delivery: When it comes to the “when” and the “how” for in-house delivery, you’ve got options. Need a program delivered over a week rather than the standard two or three days? No problem. Need a specific start time for one day of your program? We can do that. Whatever your requirements, we’ll do our best to accommodate them.
  • Train in confidence: A dedicated in-house program provides a cohesive learning experience for your team and an opportunity to address internal issues or sensitive challenges in private.


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