Self-awareness tests

Are you making the most of your strengths and interests?
What about the people and teams in your organisation – are they?

How does self-awareness improve performance?

When people can play to their strengths and interests, they feel more fulfilled and engaged with what they do. This has a direct effect on performance. But how do people learn about their strengths and interests? How can we help to realise potential?

One route is through self-awareness.

Our research found that people with increased self-awareness feel more confident, and feel that they make better decisions and make better use of their strengths (Type and Self-Awareness, OPP Ltd, 2017).

Self-awareness helps people to understand:

  • Why they behave the way they do
  • What they need to do differently to improve a situation
  • Why other people behave the way they do

This understanding improves interactions between people, which raises performance levels. The benefits to the workplace are obvious: individuals perform better and see their wellbeing increase. Organisations improve their performance and become better places to work.

98% agree it is important to understand why people behave the way they do

Self-awareness: the next steps

What do you need to get yourself – or a team or a client – started on the road to self-awareness?

Here are some introductory materials.

Quick guide
Download our short, accessible introduction to self-awareness – nothing heavy, we promise.
Self awareness quick guide

Get the headline findings from our research in a bold infographic.

Self-awareness infographic

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