Support for practitioners

Like you, we’re passionate about helping people on their development journeys.

But what happens when you need help? 

Don’t worry! 

Talk to like-minded professionals. Talk to us

Here are some of the reasons why practitioners work with The Myers-Briggs Company.

If you need to deliver more sessions than you can manage, ask for help. We can: 

  • Deliver MBTI feedback sessions
  • Cover facilitator/practitioner absence
  • Help design a workshop

If you’re worried about a session you’re delivering, don’t be. Call us for help with things like: 

  • Using new technology, instruments, or materials for the first time
  • Delivering sessions in sensitive or difficult situations 
  • Getting started when you’re newly qualified

Sometimes, you just can’t facilitate. But we can – any time. Call us if you need to:

  • Take part in your own workshop
  • Guarantee neutrality by using an impartial ‘outsider’
  • Work with a challenging group who insist on an external facilitator

Be prepared for changing circumstances and expectations. Let us help you adapt your material when you need to:

  • Deliver to a larger group than you normally do
  • Redesign sessions to fit into reduced time slots
  • Deliver to a new audience