How personality type affects team performance and job satisfaction

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Posted 16 November 2023 by
Global Marketing, The Myers-Briggs Company

New research sends clear message to team leaders

Happiness and profit are synergistic

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Posted 06 June 2023 by
Global Marketing, The Myers-Briggs Company

Why well-being is crucial to employee and organizational performance

Introducing The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast

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Posted 09 August 2022 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

The Myers-Briggs Company is launching a new podcast about psychology, personality, work life, and how to get the best from life. 

Were you asked if you wanted to go back to the office?

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Posted 24 May 2022 by
Kevin Wood, The Myers-Briggs Company

If not, you might be part of a hybrid strategy that’s about to fail.

Social contracts, returning to the office and retaining your people in the new hybrid workplace

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Posted 20 May 2022 by
Melissa Summer, The Myers-Briggs Company

As employees return to the office, they’re expecting more flexibility in their social contracts with employers. How can HR help?

Leading while Black and introverted

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Posted 27 August 2020 by
Melissa Summer, Global Content Marketing Manager, The Myers-Briggs Company

What happens at the intersection of race, type and leadership? 

How to think like an entrepreneur

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Posted 20 November 2019 by
Rose Collins, Marketing Content Executive, The Myers-Briggs Company

Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week

Reflections on my first 18 months as an MBTI practitioner in the University of Oxford

Reflections as an MBTI practitioner
Posted 10 August 2017 by
Dr Mike Moss, Alumni Careers Programme Manager, University of Oxford

Reflections on the first 18 months of an MBTI practitioner.

Salary: secrecy or transparency?

Salary - secrecy or transparency?
Posted 27 July 2017 by
Catherine Ellwood, Principal Consultant at OPP

The BBC, Norway and a tech start-up who is bucking the trend.

The introverted trainer | The Myers-Briggs Company

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Posted 12 May 2017 by
Michael R. Segovia, M.A., CPP Lead MBTI® Certification Trainer

Any MBTI type can do any job and bring different strengths to the table