Consultancy case studies

Working with our clients to deliver their needs

Our experts consultants work with, and alongside, a wide range of clients to get the best from individuals, teams and organisations. Click on a client case study below to read an example in more detail.


Simulating leadership challenges in a development centre for managers.  .

"Development centres are helping senior managers to appreciate their talents and to provide a framework of support...OPP have played a huge role in making this happen."



Working with flying instructors to improve their coaching techniques – and maximise their trainees’ performance.

“It is helping everyone to get 100% out of the training and the money invested in it.’’


Developing leadership using the TKI and MBTI instruments.

"I’ve been employed for 20 years and this is the training that has had the most impact on me.”



Helping Launchpad to reinvent itself in a highly competitive marketplace.

"We recently won our biggest ever contract on the back of this development programme.” 


Using the MBTI framework to boost self awareness and improve team and leadership performance.

"It has changed my whole perspective on how I manage people.”



Creating a flexible, adaptable approach to leadership development.

“ was necessary to consider the development offer on a much more individual basis. The Myers-Briggs Company undertook this with great skill and sensitivity.”


Identifying key competencies via self-analysis, feedback and workplace simulations.

"It enabled us to co-create a bespoke development centre that would meet the needs of HR Directors."



Using the MBTI and TKI instruments for high impact training sessions (HITS) for leaders.

"The collaboration with The Myers-Briggs Company was really productive – we felt like the consultant had become a member of our team."


Creating a new values and capabilities framework for a rapidly-expanding organisation.

“The values and capability frameworks have really come alive within the organisation. They are definitely more than words on a page.”



Designing a new leadership framework for an expanding company in the global technology sector.

“Good leadership is not about having to be a certain type of leader.”


Using the MBTI Step II instrument to improve problem-solving, teamwork and building resilience in Macmillan.

“My decision-making is clearer and more considered now.” 



Handling radical organisational change through leadership development and improving people skills.

“It has become a blueprint for how we manage people in the future.”


Delivering detailed insight into ‘fit’ between a candidate and success in a newly-created job.

“Restructures are best done quickly, with a robust, transparent and valid process. The Myers-Briggs Company were very responsive, with every stage turned around quickly.” 


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