MBTIonline Teams:
Bring out the best in your team

MBTIonline Teams delivers trusted Myers-Briggs® personality insights into your team's dynamics and reveals strengths and potential challenges to help maximize team effectiveness.

€89.95 per participant (3 minimum)


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What's included

  • Self-guided virtual team-building experience for 3 to 125 people
  • MBTI® assessment plus individual and team reports
  • Team portal to explore individual and team characteristics
  • Four self-paced courses, personal development tips, and more
  • Facilitator’s guide with ready-to-use presentation for optional group learning session

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Get insights you can trust

MBTIonline Teams is powered by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment, the world’s most popular psychometric tool. The assessment is backed by 70+ years of research and used by leading organizations for people development, including 88% of Fortune 500 companies.

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Build the foundation for better teamwork

Teams work more smoothly when people understand themselves and one another. With MBTIonline Teams, team members explore their personality characteristics, strengths, potential areas for growth, and steps for development. They can also compare their personality preferences with those of their teammates to foster greater self-awareness and appreciation of differences—the keys to stronger relationships.

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Understand your team’s dynamics to boost performance 

Learn why your team functions the way it does with a team type table and other insights into how individual members contribute to team characteristics and behaviors. Guided prompts and tips help your team capitalize on strengths, minimize challenges, and navigate potential sources of conflict.

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Communicate and problem solve better together

Delve into the team’s communication and problem-solving styles and see how these compare to your own style. Each team member receives practical suggestions for flexing their unique preferences to communicate and problem solve more effectively with the team.

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Turn insights into action and growth

Help your people grow as both individual and team contributors. Each person gets access to a library of self-paced courses that help them hone skills in the following areas critical to high-performing teams:

  • Motivation
  • Getting along with others
  • Stress management
  • Decision-making



How it works


Purchase seats for MBTIonline Teams and assign them to your team whenever you’re ready.

Take the assessment

MBTIonline Teams begins with each team member completing the MBTI assessment and an interactive learning session to validate their results.

Explore your results

Discover your team’s combined personality type and get insights into team dynamics and potential sources of conflict. Delve into the key areas of team communication and problem-solving to improve performance.

Explore your team results

Discover your team’s combined personality type and get insights into team dynamics and potential sources of conflict. Delve into the key areas of team communication and problem-solving to improve performance.

Reinforce with personalized learning

Finish with personalized, self-paced courses to turn insights into action and growth as individual and team contributors.

Team building on your terms

Whether you want to kick things off today or in a few weeks, you can purchase and access MBTIonline Teams whenever you’re ready.
Fully online and self-guided, MBTIonline Teams is convenient and flexible—ideal for use with teams of all kinds, including virtual and hybrid teams. Questions?

€89.95 per participant; teams must include at least 3 people


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I’d definitely recommend MBTIonline Teams. It’s an amazing resource to help you understand your team dynamics and know how to work with each other.


Lydia MatioliFreely in Hope’s Program Manager for Kenya.

We found the assessments and supporting materials on MBTIonline Teams to be very helpful, and we expect to use what we learned about ourselves and our team dynamics for a long time to come.


Bayh SullivanDirector of Enrollment, Shady Side Academy.

We continue to use the MBTI assessment to improve employee communication, emotional intelligence, and to build teams. People love it, and it provides another 'tool' in our managers' toolbox to coach and develop staff.


Amy TrombleyVice President, Health New England.

Any questions?

MBTIonline Teams is ideal for in-person or virtual teams of 3 to 125 people looking for a flexible, yet powerful, self-guided team-building experience to improve team effectiveness. You don’t need an MBTI® certification to purchase and use this product.

Please note that MBTIonline Teams is intended for team development and should not be used in the hiring of new employees or the selection of individuals to form a team. The MBTI assessment, which forms the backbone of this product, is invaluable for team building, leadership development, conflict management and other uses, but as the assessment is not designed to measure aptitude or performance, it would be unethical to use it to make hiring or personnel decisions.

Not sure this is the right fit or looking for a facilitator-led solution instead? Let us help you assess your team development needs and guide you to the best solution. Contact us.

No. MBTIonline Team is designed to be a fully self-guided, digital learning experience that does not require MBTI certification to purchase or use with your teams.

MBTIonline Teams is designed to be flexible and completed at the team’s own pace. Team members first take the MBTI assessment and validate their result through an interactive best-fit process, which takes about 45 minutes. Upon completion, they can immediately start exploring their results as they wait for others to complete the assessment.

Once everyone on the team has completed the MBTI assessment, the team portion of the experience is unlocked. At that point, team members can go through the team content individually or together in as little as a single afternoon or over a longer period—depending on how much time is available. For teams that prefer a live learning experience, a facilitator’s guide is included to help the team leader or designated facilitator lead the learning step-by-step.

Optional self-paced courses round out the learning experience for each team member.

Setting up MBTIonline Teams is quick and easy. Whether you’re purchasing for your own team or on behalf of a team, you’ll first create a free customer account that you’ll use to purchase seats for MBTIonline Teams.* Seats can be used right way or later to set up one or multiple teams.

When setting up a team, you’ll simply enter each member’s name and email address. Once setup is complete, an automated email will be sent to each member with instructions.

*Note: If you’re an existing customer with an Elevate® account, please log in to purchase MBTIonline Teams.

Yes. The purchaser can make changes to a team and rerun the MBTIonline Teams experience when members join or leave the team. Additional fees may apply depending on the change; for example, a seat from your inventory will be required to add a new team member to an existing team.

MBTIonline Teams does not currently support the creation of sub-teams within a larger team in an automated way.

However, you can create sub-teams by treating them as separate teams and purchasing the required amount of inventory. Example: You have a team of 15 members and you want to create one team comprising all 15 members and a sub-team comprising only 5 of those 15 members. In this scenario, you will need to purchase 20 seats and use them to create two separate teams.

If a team member already knows their four-letter MBTI type from a previous MBTIonline Teams experience, they will not need to take the assessment again to join a new team—as long as they log in with the same email address, their best-fit MBTI type will be reused automatically. Otherwise, all team members are required to complete the MBTI assessment and an interactive learning session to validate their results.

Yes. Included with purchase is a facilitator’s guide that the team leader or facilitator can use to conduct an optional group learning session. The guide comes as a set of PowerPoint slides with facilitator notes that can be used to deliver a one-, two-, or four-hour session. Designed for use by someone who is not an expert on the MBTI assessment or personality type, the guide leverages MBTIonline Teams content to help team members:

  • Learn about the gifts and potential pitfalls related to their personality type.
  • Identify key strategies to use personality differences constructively.
  • Gain insight into team differences and similarities.
  • Create individual and team commitments to action.

No. MBTIonline Teams is currently available only in English.