Coaching and MBTI®: tools and techniques

Unfortunately this in-person training course is on hold but we are offering an online version – please see the dates at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, please check our training calendar for details or contact us if you have any questions.

Increase your versatility as a coach

Use the MBTI Type framework to provide coaching insights in a wider range of coaching situations including the coach-coachee relationship.

MBTI logo You will learn how to provide Type-related insights in your coaching practice. You will gain experience in applying the MBTI instrument in a range of ways and be provided with related practical tools that enhance your coaching.

Course flow consciously mirrors how coaching works: how at the heart of coaching is the individual, followed by an understanding of how the individual relates to others, and then their effectiveness in an organisational setting.

This course is one of a pair of complementary courses to support your coaching practice. Whilst this course takes a broad look at Type and coaching, our other course Type Dynamics in Coaching: a deep dive using the MBTI takes a deep look at the application of Type dynamics in coaching.

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1-day virtual workshop plus 1.5 hours e-learning pre-work on Type dynamics (Equivalent to ~9 CPD hours)
  • Z-model for more effective decision-making, Type development over the lifetime, Type differentiation, Type motivators and filters
  • How to apply Type theory to facilitate coaching conversations (from initial contracting through to action planning and beyond)
  • How coach and coachee Type influences their engagement with coaching
This workshop is delivered by an OPP consultant with in-depth experience of using and interpreting the MBTI instrument.
  • Cover a wider range of coaching situations – by exploring and learning a wide range of ways of using the MBTI, you can select the approaches that will be most appropriate to support your coachees
  • Personalise the experience for coachees – by learning how to apply Type theory, you have the tools to effectively facilitate a greater range of coaching conversations. You’ll have the opportunity to explore attitudes to differences and how to work with these in a coaching context  
  • Build trusting relationships which deliver the right results – by learning how Type influences coaching interactions for the coach as well the coachee, you are equipped to get the most out of a coaching relationship
  • MBTI-qualified practitioners who have some experience of coaching 
  • MBTI practitioners who use coaching skills as part of their work

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26 Nov 2024
Virtual training course
€645.00 ex VAT