Leadership development consultancy

Leadership development

Find the leader within – and inspire your organization

Leaders are individuals, just like everybody else.

Many people become leaders because they’re subject experts. But this doesn’t mean they’re people experts. And yet, people skills are key to being a great leader. 

How do you help your leaders to be truly inspirational? How do you develop effective leadership skills in your organization? 

We’ve found that authenticity – being true to one’s self – is crucial to great leadership.

Deep psychological insight is a proven approach. It encourages leaders to find their own leadership style. 

See the three-step approach below and get in touch.

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The Myers-Briggs Company and leadership
Defining success

Defining success

What does great leadership look like in your business? What should it look like in the future? This is what we'll help you to define. Then we can build tailored development programs that reach your leadership goals.

Evaluating people

Evaluating people

We take an honest look at your leaders. We use personality, ability and behavioral assessments to paint an accurate picture of your existing leadership capability. Then we match it against your definition of leadership success, so we can identify gaps and close them.

Growing capability

Growing capability

We develop your leaders so they become self-aware. With psychology insights and expertise, we can motivate leaders to build on their strengths and address their key development areas. We can launch long-lasting, positive personal change in your leaders.
  • the self
  • strengths
  • growth potential
  • long-term development
  • organizational alignment
  • executive leadership training
  • development coaching