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Collaboration - MBTI experts and practitioners

Looking to add an MBTI or Type book to your collection this World Book Day

We've asked our experts and the MBTI practitioner community to share their recommendations.

Top MBTI book blog more time to think

More Time to Think: A Way of Being in the World, Nancy Kline, 2009

"This is a beautifully written book. The care and attention that Nancy gives to her words and how she expresses her thoughts are incredibly stimulating – so much so that you will want to go back and re-read sentences just to re-absorb the idea as well as enjoy how it is expressed. Kline’s theme that we can provide each other with the environment to do the very best thinking for ourselves is highly relevant when thinking about personality type. Our style of communication and our listening patterns are driven by our preferences; so, reflecting on what kind of listener we are is important. This is especially true when we consider our preference for either Sensing or iNtuition – keenly remembering this dimension is about what kind of information we prefer to use and be stimulated by. So how might our Sensing or iNtuition help or hinder us when listening? Are Sensing types more likely to pay attention to facts, details, specifics and the reality? And are iNtuition types more likely to be focusing on the ideas, patterns, opportunities and the bigger picture? Either way, Kline suggests “The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking,” suggesting that whatever your preference, truly great listening means getting yourself, and your preferences out of the way." Alexis Hutson, Coaching Doctors

 MBTI book Introduction to MBTI and careers

Introduction to Type and Careers, Allen L Hammer, 1993

“I caution against approaching this book too rigidly, all types can be brilliant at any career, but a spark of inspiration and insight can come from many sources and I use this book in every workshop and my clients always appreciate it.” Dr Mike Moss FRSC FRSA, Alumni Careers Programme Manager at the University of Oxford

MBTI top books Shape up your program

Shape Up Your Program: Tips, Teasers & Thoughts for Type Trainers, Margaret U. Fields, Jean B. Reid, 1999

"This is one of the best books for new MBTI facilitators – full of loads of exercise ideas and hints and tips. A great book to have in your kit for any group or team event design and to complement the free resources we already provide practitioners." Alice King, Principal Consultant, OPP
 MBTI book - the power of personality

The Power of Personality: Unleash your potential in all that you do, Gareth English, 2015

"This is an unusual Type book. Each chapter deals with a separate topic and is written by an expert who has worked with MBTI Type for over a decade. Along with the old favourites Decision-Making, Leadership and Managing Stress are topics such as Parenting, Exercise and Shopping. Each topic has lots of examples to bring the subject to life and has quotes from people with different MBTI Types. It’s a great book you can dip in and out of to enrich your MBTI expertise!" Nikhita Dost, Consultant OPP

 MBTI book YOU

YOU: Being more effective in your MBTI Type, Roger R.Pearman, Michael M.Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger, 2005

"I'm a huge fan of YOU. It contributes tremendously to development and self-awareness of managers in business environments. For me, great inspiration for coaching and mentoring purposes as well." Monika Szczęsna, Senior HR Manager

 MBTI book was that really me

Was That Really Me?: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality, Naomi Quenk, 2002

"I wouldn’t be without Was that really me? (how everyday stress brings out our hidden personality). It has helped many of my clients to apply their understanding of MBTI theory in the context of learning from and coping with their responses (and others’ responses) to stress." Lorna Wellsteed, Team and Executive Coach
 MBTI book I'm not crazy I'm just not you

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You: The Real Meaning of the 16 Personality Types, Roger Pearman and Sarah C. Albritton, 2010

"I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You is one of my choices. Easy to read and full of insightful and useful information. One of the first books I bought on the topic." David Monro-Jones MA, AMC, CTPC, FCMI, Accredited Master Coach | Certified Team Performance Coach™ | Process Communication Model Facilitator | OD Consultant

MBTI book Work it out

Work it Out: Clues for Solving People Problems at Work, Sandra Hirsh and Jane A. G. Kise, 1996

"Interesting to notice the variety [with regards to suggested books within the MBTI practitioners group on LinkedIn]. I went back to my shelves and looked at my books and noticed Work it Out: clues for solving people problems at work. I remember that I found this book very simple and clear as well as filled with practical tips and examples. A super book to apprehend the model." Gianni Di Giacomo, Executive Coach & Facilitator in Change management, Team Building & Collective Intelligence, Leadership Development. 

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Have a book that isn't on the list that you'd highly recommend? Add a comment below to share your recommendation with fellow MBTI practitioners. 

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