MBTI Type, FIRO, love and relationships

Posted 14 February 2017 by
Betsy Kendall, VP Global Programmes, Delivery & Content

Whether you ‘just love!’ the idea of Valentine’s Day or you choose to avoid it like the plague, you can’t escape the need to form and manage relationships in life. But instead of focusing on the hard research about the importance of personality in forming and building meaningful relationships this Valentine’s Day, we simply want to share some content that’s fun and informative.

What’s your MBTI Type sentiment this Valentine’s Day?

We’ve updated the design of our Valentine’s Type table for 2017! Download and share your Valentine’s Type tile here.

What if your date is just not your Type?!?

What’s your perfect date and does it reflect your MBTI Type? We briefly explore each MBTI preference pair and how different MBTI personality Types may differ in their ideal first date. Read more about MBTI Type and dating.

FIRO in action: Sandra and Terry 20 years on. How have their relationship and FIRO scores evolved in 20 years?

FIRO is all about interpersonal needs – how much we express and want certain interpersonal behaviours; Inclusion, Control and Affection (or Involvement, Influence and Connection for FIRO Business users). We follow up the original case study from the world’s first FIRO-B qualification programme. What light can be shed on their relationship then and 20 years later? How does that relate to their FIRO scores? Read more about FIRO in action with Sandra and Terry.

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