More serious fun in L&D: Typies get personal

Posted 15 December 2014 by
Penny Moyle - CEO at OPP

I love MBTI Step II. My first consulting role working with the MBTI framework was for an HR consultancy that always used the MBTI Step II assessment in preference to MBTI Step I. So I got to know it really well, really quickly and although I always use my Step II knowledge to underpin conversations with people who have only completed MBTI Step I, I never find it as satisfying as being able to get into the depth that one can reach with MBTI Step II insights.

MBTI Step II is my solution when people say that they’ve ‘already done MBTI’. Rarely will they be aware of it, and yet almost without exception it gets them re-engaged in all that the MBTI Development Journey can offer. MBTI Step II also answers the very reasonable critique of MBTI Step I framework: that it classifies all of humanity into just 16 different types.

So while the MBTI Step I process is an incredibly useful way to quickly understand individual differences, without the depth of Step II, I always feel that there’s something missing.

I recognise that not everyone shares this passion of mine, and I’ve often heard MBTI practitioners say that they hold back from using Step II because it’s just a bit too complicated – even if they themselves are fully conversant in the instrument, they feel it’s too much for individuals to grasp quickly, and many worry that it could be tricky to use within teams.

Step II personal Typies - infographicTo respond to this very real issue, we at OPP are working on a variety of novel ways to support MBTI practitioners access the value of Step II for their clients, even when time is short. The first of these is Personal Typies!

Following on from the success of our recently launched Typies (now available in English, French and Dutch), we have created a simple online application that allows you to turn your MBTI Step II profile into a personalised pictogram that captures and displays your complete Step II profile in a fun and engaging way. Check out the image below to help you decode Ellen Brunswick’s personality. Notice that even if you didn’t know anything about the MBTI framework and our coding methods, you can quickly get a pretty vivid impression of what she’s like just from looking at her Personal Typie.

Personal Typies are designed for you to download, print and share in any way you choose – from Facebook to your new favourite coffee cup. And watch out in the New Year for more ideas to help make the MBTI Step II assessment easy to incorporate into your L&D Journeys.

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