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Posted 22 July 2016 by
Penny Moyle, CEO OPP

How does MBTI Type affect our ability to communicate with and influence others? 

Research by Damian Killen’s company thrive and CPP (publishers of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) was presented at our MBTI User Conference in London in June. It confirmed that the two middle letters of your four-letter MBTI Type (known as the functional pairs Sensing/iNtuition, Thinking/Feeling) are key to how you are likely to influence others, and how you prefer to be influenced yourself.

MBTI Preference table minus descriptions

In the survey of 3,699 people, the respondents were asked which of five options needed to be present when trying to influence another person, and which was the most important. They were also asked which of the five options present a barrier to effective influencing, and which of those was the biggest.

Damian Killen MBTI impactful influencing

If you were unable to make it to the conference, Damian summarises the findings in this short video blog.


Download the full survey report.

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