MBTI icebreaker exercise – it’s a numbers game

Posted 21 October 2015 by
Penny Moyle - CEO at OPP

One of the great benefits and privileges of working with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is that it connects people in a fantastic worldwide network of Type practitioners. For example, earlier this month, I was in San Francisco meeting with representatives from all the companies who distribute the MBTI instrument around the world. Last month, OPP hosted an event in London with our many European MBTI training partners. An increasing number of international conferences are staged each year, where MBTI experts get together to share, learn and discuss the latest MBTI-based insights. Moreover, through social media such as LinkedIn, I am able to meet virtually with MBTI practitioners – a pool of several thousand across the globe.

I am constantly impressed by the ingenuity of different Type experts in developing new techniques for helping convey the MBTI theory and framework to make it practical and helpful. I am also struck by people’s generosity in sharing their ideas. A little while ago, this numbers icebreaker was shown to me by Stefan Oppitz and Thomas Lorenz from A-M-T, who run MBTI qualification training in Germany. I thought it was brilliant. It has been published in a recent book by Thomas Lorenz with Angelika Hӧcker, and they have kindly said that they are happy for us to share it.

If you have a favourite exercise that you’d be happy for us to share, or if there are other concepts you’d like us to help you explain, then please do let me know by emailing enquiry@opp.com FAO Penny Moyle.

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