Strong Interpretive Report

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Strong® Profile and Interpretive Report

Zero in on your client’s top jobs

This report builds on the Strong Profile Report, included in the package, by applying key learning to create a richly textured road map for exploring and pursuing a rewarding life of work and leisure.

With a striking colour graphic design that makes the information accessible and easy to understand, this comprehensive career development report adds powerful detail to your clients’ Strong Profile.

The Strong Profile and Interpretive Report contains

  • A copy of the Strong Profile Report
  • Expanded definitions of the six General Occupational Themes, as well as additional career fields and leisure activities, and personal descriptors that characterise satisfied workers in various jobs
  • A list of the top ten occupations potentially most satisfying to your client, providing specific details on the typical work tasks associated with each job, and the knowledge, skills and abilities required for success

When to use the Strong Profile and Interpretive Report

  • Career development and action planning in professional contexts
  • Career guidance in an educational environment
  • Outplacement 

High school and college editions of this report are also available specifically designed for use in educational contexts.

This report can be ordered through OPPassessment by practitioners with Test User: Occupational, Ability or Level A qualifications.

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