Using the FIRO® Instrument with Teams

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Team development with FIRO

A practical course based on Tuckman’s five stages of team development concept. It provides the processes and exercises for running impactful team workshops.

FIROThis experiential workshop is ideally suited to people who want to facilitate team development with the FIRO tool. It looks at how to analyse team data, reveals how to go about team building and takes the group through a series of exercises that they can use with teams alongside the FIRO assessment. It also shows the links between FIRO’s core interpersonal needs and the five stages of team development as established by Tuckman’s model.

Upon completion of the course participants will be awarded a certificate to mark their newly acquired expertise.

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1 day (Equivalent to 6 CPD hours)
  • To analyse and present a team’s FIRO assessment data
  • To identify potential conflicts within a team
  • Exercises that teams can use to explore core interpersonal needs
  • The links between the FIRO tool and Tuckman’s team development model
  • The different team roles people adopt depending on their interpersonal needs.
The workshop exceeded my expectations. Having just completed the qualifying programme, this extra day has given me so much more in terms of both knowledge and resources and will give me much more flexibility and confidence in how I decide to deliver FIRO within my organisation.

Mrs Gill GlennLearning and Development Manager. Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS FT

This is an interactive workshop, which includes presentations, case studies, interactive group work and practical exercises. Participants will use their own FIRO profiles to experience exercises that they can then run with their own teams.
  • Use the FIRO instrument to analyse the culture and interpersonal dynamics of teams
  • Identify how the FIRO profile impacts on team performance
  • Learn how to diagnose a team’s potential conflicts
  • Take-away exercises that you can use to develop a team
  • Deepen your understanding of the FIRO tool
  • FIRO qualified practitioners 
  • Team leaders 
  • HR managers 
  • Organisational development specialists

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