Test your MBTI knowledge with our fun Christmas quiz!

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Elf legs

You’ve tripped over the tinsel, you’ve eaten too many mince pies and you’re the only one who came to the office Christmas party dressed as an elf. Cheer yourself up by feeling all smug about your MBTI® knowledge, and carry on counting down to the holidays.

  1. In OPP’s Christmas survey, 48% of our respondents thought that Santa’s type preferences were probably
    a) ESFJ
    b) ENFJ
    c) ENFP
  2. When people recognise personal characteristics from their MBTI type it’s often described as
    a) A funny turn
    b) A light bulb moment
    c) A tingling sensation
  3. How many people take the MBTI assessment globally each year?
    a) 600,000
    b) 2,000,000
    c) 3,200,000
  4. Which of the following can MBTI insights NOT help you with?
    a) Communication
    b) Recruitment
    c) Conflict
  5. How many people qualified as MBTI practitioners in Europe during 2013?
    a) 573
    b) 1,024
    c) 1,639
  6. Which MBTI type does this picture represent?

    Pensive cupids

    a) ISTJ
    b) ENFJ
    c) INFJ
  7. According to our survey, which preference was more likely to kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas?
    a) Introverts
    b) Perceivers
    c) Extraverts
  8. Which of the following people is a leading authority on MBTI concepts?
    a) Raymond Cattell
    b) Betsy Kendall
    c) Chris Tingle
  9. How many independent articles have been published on the MBTI tool?
    a) 105
    b) 4,674
    c) Over 12,000
  10. Which MBTI type does this picture represent?

    Partying santas

    a) ENFP
    b) ESTJ
    c) INFP

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