Type and teams

Posted 30 August 2019 by
Helen Rayner, Lead Consultant at The Myers-Briggs Company

Through this survey, we are looking to understand how personality influences our behaviour within teams. For example, what differences are there with how people in your team build trust? Are there differences in how your team uses technology? 

Let us meet two members of a team. Alex is a serial networker, though she is choosier when accepting invitations from others. Alex enjoys bringing people round to her way of thinking but is far less willing to accept direction from others. Alex says she is an open book: easy to get to know, and keen for others to reciprocate and share.

Charlie says he is more reserved and tends to initiate relationships only when there is an identifiable reason to do so. However, he will rarely decline an invitation to an event from others. Charlie is private and contained but wants others to act in a close and personal way towards him. He prefers not to give guidance and direction to others, unless it is specifically requested. Charlie tends to resist if others try to give him guidance. 

Here we have described two very different individuals. What differences might there be if Alex and Charlie are trying to resolve conflict? Do they challenge the status quo? How often, and to whom do they share their opinions? Are you more of an Alex, or a Charlie? 

Let us suppose that Alex and Charlie see each other in the office every day. How might this influence their relationship between themselves and their wider team? What about if Alex and Charlie worked in a virtual team and had never met? This is what our survey is trying to understand. It is anonymous and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. If you want to receive a copy of the results once they are ready, you can leave your email address at the end of the survey.


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