New FIRO Inclusion / Involvement exercise

Posted 02 June 2016 by
Betsy Kendall, COO and Head of Professional Services, OPP

Misperceptions in groups often cause friction which creates barriers to collaboration. This new exercise helps groups and teams increase their understanding of Low or High Wanted and Expressed Inclusion/Involvement (image below). How much does each person want to be included by the others in the team (Wanted) and how actively do they themselves include other members (Expressed)? 

Are there mixed messages that need to be clarified? 

FIRO high and low inclusion

We’re supplying free PowerPoint slides, instructions and debrief notes to give you everything you need to run this exercise with a team or group who have already received their FIRO scores. We’ve included slides containing examples of the behaviours typical of people with low, medium and high Inclusion/Involvement needs, which will help group members recognise not only their own needs but start to think about the needs of those around them.

Great for: team effectiveness, collaboration and team development.

FIRO practitioners can download the exercise for free (instruction PDF and PowerPoint slides) from the Practitioner Resources area of the website when logged in to your OPP account.

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