Approaching the unknown

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Michael Segovia

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Second to last for the Sensing-Intuition preference pair facets are Experiential and Theoretical. These facets “emphasize the process by which we derive knowledge or meaning from our perceptions.” (MBTI Step II Manual, page 24. As a reminder, the order of these Sensing-Intuition facets goes Concrete—Abstract, Realistic—Imaginative, Practical—Conceptual, Experiential—Theoretical, and Traditional—Original.

Whenever I travel, I usually like to experience something new and different…something I won’t find in most other places. I was in Singapore last year and I invited a small group to join me for a meal away from the hotel. Before arriving, I heard about a restaurant that offered prescribed herbal remedies with your meal to cure ailments or improve your health. It sounded like an interesting idea, but it took some work to convince Jennifer (not her real name).

Her Experiential side wanted to know more about the restaurant before she would agree to go. She asked questions like, “Do you know anyone who has been there?” and “Are there reviews we can read so we know what to order and what not to order and whether we should go there in the first place?” When I wasn’t able to provide her such evidence, she decided she would rather stay at the hotel for dinner. Jennifer had eaten at the hotel restaurant several times on this trip as well as several times on previous trips. But after some prodding from me and the other invitees, she eventually (though reluctantly) agreed to give this “adventure” a try.

All the way over to the restaurant, Jennifer made sure I was aware that if she did not like her meal, I was going to get an earful. I could tell she was only half joking though. Fortunately for all involved, the restaurant was a hit! If you are ever in Singapore, I suggest that you check out Imperial Herbal Restaurant.

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