Introducing The Myers-Briggs Company

Bringing Together 60 Years of Assessment Development, 30 Years of Consultancy and Training Expertise, and Global Resources to Solve Complex “People Challenges”

Sunnyvale, CA, Oct. 18, 2018—Recently merged CPP, Inc. and OPP announced today at the PeopleFWD 2018 conference that they are now officially The Myers-Briggs Company, a Certified B Corporation. Building on 90 years of deep organizational expertise and product development, the company aims to change the learning and development landscape by empowering people to harness their full potential at work, home and everywhere in between, and helping organizations get the best from their people. As a one-stop provider of learning and development services with a global network of offices and partners, and clients that include 88 of the Fortune 100, The Myers-Briggs Company works with organizations in all industries to solve the most complex “people challenges”.

“Regardless of what business you’re in, the size of your company, or where you are in the world, your competitive edge lies in harnessing 100 percent of your team’s talents,” said Jeff Hayes, president, CEO, The Myers-Briggs Company. “We help organizations build a foundation of self-awareness, enabling them to foster happier, more engaged employees and teams, which leads to healthier, more productive cultures.”

The Myers-Briggs Company is about much more than personality type 
While the Myers-Briggs assessment may have made the name famous, understanding personality type is only one element of The Myers-Briggs Company. “We drill down and discern how the most important social behaviors and technological trends affect people, teams and organizations,” continued The Myers-Briggs Company’s Director of Research Rich Thompson. The Myers-Briggs Company brings together teams of psychologists with deep organizational experience, decades of scientific research, and the ability to work with a diverse audience ranging from individuals up to executive leaders of multinational corporations, to help companies address their most pressing human capital-related challenges.

Tackling the toughest challenges that people and organizations face today 
The Myers-Briggs Company offers guidance in a rapidly changing world where individuals must adapt to a constantly evolving job market, and companies face higher expectations from consumers. According to Deloitte's 2018 Global Human Capital Trends Report*, “Organizations are no longer judged only for their financial performance, or even the quality of their products or services. Rather, they are being evaluated on the basis of their impact on society at large.”

HR and L&D professionals need better methods, tools and support to coach their teams and empower employees, and businesses must ensure they’re hiring the right people, creating a collaborative environment, and getting the best performance out of everyone.

“The Myers-Briggs Company has helped our teams adapt to new realities, exchange valuable feedback, and collaborate to drive innovation,” said Ford Motor Company’s Chief Learning Officer Bridgette Morehouse.

With comprehensive training programs and solutions, online systems to keep you organized and on track, unrivaled global professional services, and a portfolio of recognized, psychometrically validated assessments, The Myers-Briggs Company brings together people, helping companies achieve their goals and make purpose-driven contributions.

Certified B Corp Status
In addition to helping clients achieve their purpose-driven objectives, The Myers-Briggs Company strives to make its own contribution to society. It joins a growing community of more than 2,600 Certified B Corps from over 150 industries and 60 countries working together toward one unifying goal: to lead a global movement using business as a force for social and environmental good.

About The Myers-Briggs Company
In our fast-changing world, your edge lies in harnessing 100 percent of your talent – whether you’re at work, home, school, college, or anywhere in between. Your success and sense of fulfilment aren’t just about what you know and what you can do, they hinge on your relationships and interactions with others. The Myers-Briggs Company empowers individuals to be the best versions of themselves by enriching self-awareness and their understanding of others. We help organizations around the world improve teamwork and collaboration, develop inspirational leaders, foster diversity and solve their most complex people challenges. As a certified B Corp (and a registered California Benefit Corporation), The Myers-Briggs Company is a force for good. Our powerfully practical solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of the significant social and technological trends that affect people and organizations. With over 60 years in assessment development and publishing, and over 30 years of consultancy and training expertise, a global network of offices, partners and certified independent consultants in 115 countries, products in 29 languages, and experience working with 88 of the Fortune 100 companies, we’re ready to help you succeed.

*Bersin by Deloitte (2018). 2018 Global Human Capital Trends Report: The Rise of the Social Enterprise. Retrieved from:



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