Make Summer Vacation Planning Easier with MBTI® Personality Insights

Knowing your Myers-Briggs® type preferences helps navigate decision-making while planning your next trip

Sunnyvale, Calif. Jun 24, 2022 – With travel reaching pre-pandemic numbers this summer, airports, hotels, restaurants and tours will likely be packed. And while traveling again is exciting for many, pre-vacation planning can also be stressful and draining.

To better deal with the challenges of travel planning, communication and decision-making (where to go, when to go, with whom???), many vacationers are turning to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment (also known as the MBTI® assessment), published by The Myers-Briggs Company, and a new personality-based vacation-planning guide.

Self-aware and stress-free trip planning

MBTI Master Practitioner and TED speaker Michael Segovia recommends approaching decision-making by considering the MBTI mental processes (related to the two middle letters of your MBTI personality type).

“The Sensing and Intuition preferences are the mental processes that help us take in information. And our Thinking and Feeling preferences are the mental processes that help us evaluate that information,” said Segovia. “When people are self-aware, the decision-making process becomes more streamlined and less stressful. And it’s easier to understand how other people might make decisions differently than you.”

What’s your personality type?

If you know your official MBTI personality type, check out our guide on how to plan your vacation according to your personality type. Not a solo trip? Planning will go even smoother if you know your travel buddy’s preferences.

If you don’t know your official MBTI type, take the research-validated MBTI assessment online here.

Once completed, you’ll receive a thorough report about your personality preferences and how they affect different parts of life. You’ll also get access to personal development courses on relationships, confidence, stress and motivation to improve your self-awareness. 

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