MBTI® Users Conference 2014 in Dubai

This year’s conference is titled Developing Talent for a Stronger Future – With a Distinctive Focus on Myers-Briggs Use in the Middle East

The conference, organised by US test publisher CPP, features a wealth of speakers, including keynote presentations from internationally renowned type experts Linda Kirby and Nancy Barger.

MBTI Users Conference 2014

Both Linda Kirby and Nancy Barger are prolific writers on the subject of type and the MBTI process. (Their books The Challenge of Change in Organisations and Work Types were recently nominated as two of the “20 books about MBTI and type that you can’t afford to be without” in the OPP blog Personality Matters).

Delegates to the MBTI Users Conference 2014 will be able to choose from three tracks – the Basics, Advanced MBTI Applications, and Education Excellence in the Middle East. The sessions cover many areas, including:

This is the first time a CPP conference has been held in the United Arab Emirates. It takes place 16 October 2014 in the heart of Dubai's financial and shopping district, notable for its sky-scraping modern architecture.