G(irls)20 Summit armed with MBTI® insights

The delegates at the 2014 G(irls)20 Summit in Australia will be using MBTI insights to get the most from the event

Now in its fifth year, the Summit is a non-profit organisation that brings together women aged 18-20 from the G20 countries, Africa and the EU.

G(irls)20 Summit logoThe G(irls)20 Summit agenda reflects that of the G20 leaders’ talks, and delegates discuss innovative ideas that will empower women and girls so that they can contribute to the economic, political and social growth of their communities and countries.

Prior to the Summit, a qualified practitioner will take the delegates through development sessions featuring the MBTI and Step II assessments. The aim is for greatly developed self-awareness, resulting in more effective discussion and results. G(irls)20 is all about cultivating a new generation of leaders, and the insights provided by the MBTI are a key development experience for the delegates.

This year’s summit takes place at Sydney Opera House, Australia, 25-26 August. Keep up to date via the G(irls)20 website, or on Twitter via @Girls20Summit / #Girls20Aus

G(irls)20 works in partnership with the private sector, governments, the social profit sector, foundations, individuals, academia and media to economically empower girls and women globally to be agents of social and economic change. Designed according to G20 Architecture, it brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the European & African Unions, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the MENA region, to debate and design solutions that will economically advance girls and women around the world and assist G20 leaders in meeting their growth target.