Inside-Outside Typies®

Use Type Dynamics to decode communication issues

Reveal how each MBTI® Type communicates via its top two Core Characters

Inside-Outside Typies combine the favourite and second (dominant and auxillary) Core Characters of each MBTI Type with its Typie image to provide a memorable way to explain how Type Dynamics in communication works in practice. For example, the Inside-Outside Typie for ENTJ has the Director (Extraverted Thinking) as its favourite Core Character, and the Visionary (Introverted iNtuition) as its second Core Character, as shown below.

ENTJ_InsideOutside (2018) 

When you communicate with an ENTJ, you will mostly hear their clear logic, structure and decisiveness, with the underlying vision not being explicitly shared unless requested.

MBTI Core Character Conserver MBTI Core Character Visionary MBTI Core Character Analyst MBTI Core Character Conscience MBTI Core Character Nurturer MBTI Core Character Director MBTI Core Character Explorer MBTI Core Character Activist

Where an individual Type’s Core Character is introverted, what you see is not necessarily what you get. When working with INFJs, it is incredibly useful to understand that their primary driver is not the desire for harmonious relationships (the extraverted Nurturer), but rather the need to use insight to connect ideas and develop an inner vision (the introverted Visionary). Colleagues meet the INFJ’s Nurturer (the extraverted second Core Character) and so can erroneously think that ‘what you see is what you get’, and not understand the full potential and likely strengths of the INFJ.

INFJ inside-outside Typie explained

Inside-Outside Typies make it much easier for people to understand the impact they have on others, and to appreciate that what goes on internally will be hidden. They also help Extraverts appreciate that to effectively use their introverted function, they may need to create time for self-reflection.

Powerful development conversations can be facilitated by pairing team members and putting their Inside-Outside Typies side-by-side to explore how they communicate and work together, and how they can better leverage their combined Type resources. 

ENTP ENTJ inside-outside Typie

ENTP and ENTJ have all but one letter in common and someone new to the MBTI framework would be forgiven for thinking that these two Types are pretty similar. Inside-Outside Typies make it clear just how different they are, making the powerful insights of Type Dynamics available without the need to get into theoretical explanations.

ENTPs deal with the outside world with their Explorer Core Character (Extraverted iNtuition). So you will often hear them talking about how things could be different, generating new ideas, allowing one idea to spark another, and taking the discussion off at tangents. In contrast, you will often hear ENTJs logical decision-making and they will sound much more goal focused than divergent. 

ENTPs and ENTJs can talk at cross purposes: one wanting to stay in exploration mode, the other wanting to decide and move on. On top of that, when an ENTP is using their Thinking preference, it shows up as the Analyst – drawn to look at things as an interesting puzzle to be figured out quietly, taking whatever time is needed to find the right answer. This is very different from ENTJ’s Director Core Character which comes across as deciding quickly, making a plan and moving everyone along. 

With Inside-Outside Typies it’s easy to see that despite sharing three out of four preferences, ENTPs and ENTJs can find it hard to get on and stay on the same page.