MBTI Career Report

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MBTI® Career Report

Help your respondents find their best-fit career

The MBTI® Career Report helps respondents explore their career options to find the best fit based on their personality preferences. This 10-page report provides invaluable insights into preferred work tasks and environments for people of each MBTI type. It also includes most popular and least popular occupations lists for each type and preference-based development strategies to improve job satisfaction.

We recently updated the MBTI® Career Report to make it more robust and relevant for today’s workforce. Based on our largest data sample yet—over 1.3 million working adults reflecting the latest O*NET™ occupations—the report delivers more accurate career insights than ever before. For more information about the new data sample, please see our Technical Brief for the Updated MBTI® Career Report.

The MBTI® Career Report contains

  • Your respondent’s MBTI® Step I™ results
  • How type affects career choices
  • How type affects career development
  • Ranking of job families and most/least popular occupations for your respondent’s type
  • Preference-based strategies to optimize career exploration and improve job satisfaction

When to use the MBTI® Career Report

  • Career planning and transition
  • Career counselling and outplacement
  • General personal or professional development

Accessing the MBTI® Career Report

The MBTI® Career Report is based on a respondent’s four-letter MBTI® type. It can be generated using results from the MBTI® Step I or MBTI® Step II assessments. Using the MBTI Step II assessment allows respondents to explore their Step I preferences and then continue to Step II without having to complete a second assessment.

If a respondent's best-fit type differs from their reported type, a best-fit version of this report can be generated at no extra cost.

This report can be ordered in English through OPPassessment by qualified MBTI practitioners.

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