CPI 260 Client Feedback Report

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CPI 260® Client Feedback Report

Uncovering opportunities for leadership development

This report provides the ideal starting point for CPI practitioners wishing to interpret a respondent’s scores from the CPI 260 questionnaire, with clear graphical representation of their results. Scores are shown on 26 personality scales grouped into five broad categories: dealing with others; self-management; motivations and thinking style; personal characteristics; and work-related measures. Qualified CPI 260 practitioners can use the report to aid their own interpretation of the results in preparation for a feedback session with the respondent.

The CPI 260 Client Feedback Report contains

  • A lifestyle report showing how the individual is perceived by others
  • A level of satisfaction review that identifies if the individual feels their potential is being reached
  • Detailed results on the individual’s scores in the five broad categories

When to use the CPI 260 Client Feedback Report

  • Executive selection
  • Leadership development
  • Line manager coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Performance improvement

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